English Menu

English Menu

First Course

House Bread – 28

Served with chef’s selections

Liver Paté – 52

Chicken liver with toast points with our house sauce

Teriyaki Mushrooms – 46

Stir-fried mushrooms served with sweet teriyaki sauce

Eggplant and Tahini – 42

Toasted eggplant carpaccio, with tomatoes, onion, parsley, tahini and olive oil

Israeli Salad – 32

Chopped salad of tomato, cucumber and red onions with parsley,

mixed with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil

Green Citrus & Pecan Salad – 42

Mixed greens tossed with candied pecan vinaigrette and fresh citrus slices

*Carpaccio – 52

Thinly sliced beef drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar,

topped with garlic confit and served with mini toasted bread

Crunch Roll – 54

Deep fried tortilla stuffed with chicken strips, champignon mushrooms and onions,

coated with panko & sweet chili

Tuna Tataki – 58

Fresh tuna slices seared on hot plancha, covered with herbal crust, cherry tomatoes and sweetish sauce

Arayes – 58

Half pita bread with lamb, amchoor tahini, tomatoes salsa and homemade pickles

Soup of the Day – 42

Chef's today’s selection

Some of these courses may contain nuts or other allergens

If you have any allergies, please notify your server

Main Course

Pullet Steak – 88

Grilled pullet steak with spices blend, served on mashed green beans and rice (optional)

Lamb Kebab – 88

Grilled mini lamb kebabs, on a bed of tabouli salad with spicy tomatoes salsa and amchoor tahini

Hamburger – 78

Grilled beef (250 gr) patty on a bun, served with vegetables and fries

Salmon Filet – 92

Salmon filet, served on bed of mashed potatoes and green beans

Gilt-head bream – 115Fresh Gilt-head bream, on a bed of mashed potatoes & green beans, with cherry tomatoes and garlic confitVeal Asado120Slow cooking Veal Asado on broth and wine, served on mashed sweet potatoes

*Sirloin steak – 145

Grilled sirloin steak (250 gr) served on mashed potatoes with stir-fried beans,

cherry tomatoes and garlic confit

Entrecote – 160

Grilled rib-eye steak (350 gr) with Cajun potatoes and Portabella

*Steak Filet – 160

Grilled filet mignon (200 gr) served with mashed potatoes and antipasti vegetables

*Filet Medallions in Chestnut Sauce – 160

Grilled filet mignon medallion (200 gr), in a chestnut and wine sauce, served on a bed of mashed potatoes

Lamb chops – 185

Grilled French-cut lamb chops (350 gr) served with mashed potatoes and antipasti vegetables

Mushrooms and Cherry Gnocchi – 78Potatoes gnocchi, mixed cherry tomatoes and mushrooms stirred with garlic, olive oil and herbs


Schnitzel – 49

Panco coated chicken breast, served with French fries and vegetables

Some of these courses may contain nuts or other allergens

If you have any allergies, please notify your server

Cold Drinks


Cola / Cola zero / Diet Cola – 12


Sprite / Sprite zero – 12


Malti / Fanta – 12


Soda – 9


Mineral Water (500 ml / 750 ml) – 12 / 17


Ferrarelle (750 ml) – 24


Grape / Grapefruit / apple / Fuze Tea – 12


Lemonade / Orange – 15


Slushie lemonade – 18


Hot Drinks


Espresso Short / Long / Double – 8 / 10 / 12


Tea – 10


Black Coffee – 10


Americano – 10


Soy White Coffee – 15